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Like many multi-cultural places around the world, Dubai is host to many weddings and weddings are events which are fun, exciting, life-changing and memorable experiences. However weddings can also be stressful, demanding, nerving and chaotic. The most important stakeholders of a wedding are of course the bride and the groom who have to go through these emotions; but there is one other important stakeholder who can contribute to the success of a wedding event and that is a good wedding planner.

The Million Dirham Question – Do you need to hire a wedding planner in Dubai?
Most couples are often confused initially whether to hire a wedding planner or not. Many couples especially who start off early think that if they are well organised and plan ahead in time they may not require a wedding planner in Dubai. Initially having direct control over all the preparations and doing all vendor research seems exciting and fun. It also gives an opportunity to get the best deals on pricing. But as the wedding date starts getting closer and things start to overlap and activities need to be super organised and co-ordinated will it all get too much and the wheels start to come off? Can you afford to lose sight of the bigger picture and not engage a wedding planner in Dubai?

The Billion Dirham Question – Why you need a good wedding planner?


  • Wedding planning can be Demanding and Stressful- Although weddings seem to be romantic and dreamy wedding planning isn’t. There are so many details and tasks which need to be taken care of which can be so taxing accommodating guests, schedules, deliveries, transportation, flowers, decorations and wedding day co-ordination can be very nerve-wrecking. As the dates get closer the stress and nerves can get to the wedding couple- leading into arguments and fights and can turn this memorable event into a very anxious one. A good wedding planner in Dubai will take over all these responsibilities and will work on your best interest and help eliminate the stress.


  • Not All wedding activities are Fun- Surely choosing the wedding cake or picking items on the gift registry are fun but there are other important chores whilst planning a wedding which aren’t always fun. Making multiple phone calls to the vendors, following up on the caterers, making sure the photographers arrive on time, the entertainment has got all their equipment, the venue has sufficient parking and access etc can be boring and painstaking tasks but they still need to be done. A good weeding planner knows and understands all the activities which need to be done.


  • Experience in Choosing Vendors Matters: Unless you have actually organised and planned many weddings, there is no certain way of choosing the best vendors. Although the internet may offer some direction having personal experience and the know-how of what to look for in a vendor matters. Dealing and co-ordinating with vendors, negotiating the best deals, ensuring your wedding priorities are met- can be all challenging especially when you are dealing with so many vendors. Any wedding can have at least 10 different vendors and managing them can be a difficult and a full-time job in itself. An efficient wedding planner in Dubai will manage them and provide you an update on how things are tracking.


  • Wedding Planning Needs Time and Organisation- The build-up to any wedding really catches on and regardless of how organised you may seem you are, things can get to start really messy. Vendors not returning phone calls, or the florist saying she might not get the some of the flowers on order, the cake measurements being wrong are some of the things which may surface only in the last few days. Unless you actually have ample time to follow your vendors and all other preparations it is best to engage a wedding planner in Dubai. Remember as the couple you need to be enjoying and cherishing your wedding experience and not really getting stressed on how to manage it. Working longer hours, having sleepless nights will have adverse affects on your lives and your wedding event.


  • Things Often Go Chaotic in the last minute- Regardless of how well planned and meticulous you are- there are some things you just can’t control and things often go wrong in the last minute- the florist running late, the photographer forgetting his equipment, the DJ messing up the arrival song or guests being seated at the wrong table. Now as the bride or groom you cannot afford to be running around and managing these last minute chores- you need to have someone capable and efficient to work on them. An organised and efficient wedding planner can not only handle such last minute errors but ensure the event goes on in a seamless way where some mistakes even go unnoticed.


Remember that many good wedding planners come at a cost and initially the cost of a wedding planner might seem expensive but consider the value they will add to your wedding event. They will undertake all activities and tasks, work according to your instructions and be responsible for managing a good and successful outcome. Sometimes wedding planners know vendors who they might be able to get a better price for and save you money which will pay for the wedding planner itself.

Your wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime event and as a couple you need to consider what is important to you. Having a good wedding planner in Dubai will offer you peace of mind, direct accountability, and excellent organisation and most importantly it will allow you as the wedding couple to actually enjoy your moment and that alone is priceless.

So has the Big Day been finalised? Need help to organise a wedding and require the expertise of good wedding planners Dubai has to offer?




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