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coverThe UAE has been for long a cricket loving nation due to a large contingency of expatriates from the Asian sub-continent, the UK and Australia. For decades in the early 1980’s the Sharjah Cricket Stadium was a premier venue which held a lot of international matches, in fact it actually holds the world record for it. There have been new modern stadiums constructed in Dubai and Abu Dhabi which have further boosted cricket. Not only are there plenty of places to enjoy watching international teams compete – the quality of the city’s sporting facilities has attracted several globally-recognized training and sports development brands such as the International Cricket Council. This makes Dubai a great city for budding sportspeople, as quality coaching is easy to find.

Due to this cricket coaching in Dubai is easily available for all individuals at all levels from beginners at a very young age for actual professionals who want to keep advancing their skills. Choosing the right coach for any sport development is critical and cricket is no different.

Why is Cricket a Good Activity for Children in the UAE?

wpid-wp-14089179328481In cosmopolitan cities such as Dubai and Abu Dhabi, where people of many different cultural backgrounds come together, a sport like cricket can be similar to a common language, bringing people together and fostering a sense of communal participation. Besides being good exercise and helping children’s bodies develop, cricket is valuable as a social activity – it is on the pitch that children can create friendships that will last a lifetime. Learning cricket teaches important skills, from being a co-operative ‘team player’ to smiling in the face of defeat. With so many academies catering to all levels of sportsmanship operating in the UAE, children who undergo training in the region have access to the necessary facilities to take them all the way from being novices to becoming professional cricketers themselves.

Things to Consider when Choosing a Coach in Dubai

Firstly you should consider whether group training or one to one spl_2235coaching would meet your needs best. For one to one coaching, cricket coaching Dubai professionals will charge a little more than for group classes, but having the undivided attention of a coach does mean that you can maximize your learning in every session.

After deciding whether you would like to pursue individual or group classes, you should have a look at the schedule of the coach to ensure their availability. If hiring a private coach, however, you can arrange a time that is mutually convenient – this is one aspect where private cricket coaching can be preferable to group classes.

Regardless of whether you are looking for a coach in Dubai, Abu Kids enjoying themselves during the KFC Mini Cricket Festival from DHL Newlands Stadium on November 10Dhabi or Sharjah, always examine a potential coach’s credentials. Certifications such as those offered by the ICC ensure that coaches know how to train effectively, and also demonstrate the professional’s investment in becoming a skilled coach.

Besides children, adults who are fans of the sport also need access to cricket coaches who are trained and skilled. If you are looking for cricket coaching in Dubai for adults, consider using a coach who is used to coaching adults and not only children (as the coaching style required in each case is substantially different).

So if you are in looking for cricket coaching in Dubai, get started by at least getting free quotes from seasoned cricket coaches in Dubai right here.



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