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Often we are caught in a dilemma when our computer devices stop working – Do we repair them or do we replace them?

So what exactly is the right thing to do when it comes to computer repair or replacement? The answer to that isn’t as straightforward as it depends on personal circumstances and choices.

The natural human tendency is to get the faulty device replaced as naturally the cost of repairing is usually a lot lesser than purchasing it. In most cases this will be true.


Extent of Fault:

computer-and-laptop-repairOne of the most important things to consider whether to go for computer repair or replacement is the extent of the fault. Is the fault so sinister and intense that it is makes more sense replacing the device or is there a workaround or resolution available? It depends on the severity of the issue.


Quality of Repair:

So does the quality of fixing the issue good enough that it will OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAresolve the issue? This really depends on the expertise and the skill of the computer technician who is resolving the known issue. If you find a good technician who is an expert and qualified and the fault is a common occurrence then it may be worthwhile to go for the repair.


hot-computer Frequency:

Is the fault a recurring issue with your device? It needs to be established if this has been ongoing for a while and is the repair something that you have been ignoring and postponing or something that you have gotten used to and are OK with it? It is a manufacturer issue or a wear and tear or performance issue?


This purely comes down to a personal decision and preference. You need to assess if the situation of having a faulty device causes you high impact from a professional or personal perspective. If the repair may take long and is not guaranteed then you may opt to go for a replacement.



Best PriceWe love in a world of commodity replacement and mass manufacturing has made electronic and computer devices a lot more affordable than what they used to be. Almost 20 years ago every store had one computer and that used to be operated by a key person within the business, a majority of us didn’t have personal computers let alone smart devices. So affordability has definitely come into the equation where once it was unthinkable to replace a device, now it doesn’t have to such a huge financial decision.


Quality of Product:

With so many products available in the market nowadays, we are quality-assurancespoilt for choices both in terms of quality and pricing. Is your current device an expensive one and it is cheaper to repair or is it something which is not too expensive and can be easily replaced? Again a personal decision on what you prefer to spend.



warrantyDo you have any form of existing or extended warranty on your device which covers all or part of the computer repair cost? Is it worth buying additional warranty if available?




Well I hope the above article has intrigued your thought process on computer repair or replacement in the least. There are quite a few factors to consider; but most of them boil down to your current situation and preference.

If you have a faulty device and need computer repair in Dubai and aren’t sure whether to repair or replace why not make an informed decision?

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Sam is the Executive Director at BusinessBid; a successful technology and business services manager having held successful leadership positions with global organizations. Sam believes finding an experienced service provider shouldn't be a challenge but an easy process and seamless process. Sam loves traveling and is a poker shark.

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