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Getting people together and achieving the purpose of that meeting can prove to be a difficult process. The success of such an endeavour largely depends on the people you charge with the responsibility of planning the entire event, including catering  in Dubai as it is home to many local and international investors and the numbers are only increasing by the day.

The need to impress is now more than ever at its peak. Much as you may be a hands-on organizer the reality is that you need help to plan and put together a successful outdoors event. Be it a corporate function, fundraiser or team building weekend out.

What will determine the success of your event is your choice of the outdoor catering service. Here’s a quick guide on factors to think about before settling on your choice :

1. Get Information About Their Years Of Experience
Find out how many years the catering company you are prospecting has been in business and what the scope of their service entails. Do they deal solely with private and corporate functions? Go into details as much as possible. It’s important to want to know the number of companies or organizations they have worked with, the number of guests who attended the event and how the event turned out at the end. You can get all this information at a consultative meeting that you can schedule with them. A catering company’s responses to such questions will help you determine whether or not they are in line with your needs. Don’t take their word of mouth for everything though. You can also request to browse through their portfolio where you can see the works that they have done in the past.

2. Find Out If They Adhere Health and Safety Regulations
Safety is a basic human right and it is important that the outdoor catering service provider you wish to give the job adhere to stringent safety standards. There is a very big difference between serving food in a controlled environment and doing it outdoors. Dubai being in the desert is naturally very hot and humid meaning that food can go bad quick! Some months like June- August can be close to unbearable with extreme high temperatures and some months like January may be really cold. A great caterer should be able to know the best way to plan a successful event in most weather conditions. Your choice of outdoor catering company should be one that is accredited and one that adheres to government guidelines in accordance to mobile and outdoor catering. You should also personally find out what they do on the ground level to make sure that the health of every guest who attends your event is upheld.

3. Choose Outdoor Caterers With Exceptional Organizational Skills
Events held out of a controlled environment are often relaxed and easy going. To keep that kind of aura you have to choose a caterer who can blend in to a similar environment. All the members of staff involved in servicing the function should have superior people skills while at the same time have the ability to stay organized and think on their feet when a situation calls for them to do so. As for being organized, your prospective catering company needs to keep an open flow of communication at all times and should be attentive during all consultative meetings. Attending a meeting and leaving without noting anything down is a sure sign of poor organizational skills while taking notes points towards an organized planner.

4. Choose One That Offers Value Added Services
Most outdoor catering service companies offer different packages for different needs. Most of these will pack in additional inclusive as part of the food package. Always find out if things like tablecloths, linen, plates and cutlery all of which are important are part of the package or if they have to be paid for as a separate service. You should also ask if there are any other responsibilities that they can take on which would otherwise cost you more time and money if you were to outsource from a different source.

5. Check For Versatility
As mentioned before, outdoor events tend to be semi informal or informal. That said, the menu does not have to be so uptight. If your guests preferred Barbeque items would your caterer be able to deliver on the same? There is huge mix of cultures in Dubai and this has a direct effect on the types of foods that should be served to the guests. It is therefore important that you inquire beforehand if your caterer can cater for the different unique culinary needs that your guests may present.

6. Check On Their Level of Readiness For Any Situation
An ideal outdoor caterer is one that adapts to any situation. Much as planning is good, sometimes things may not go as planned. Things that are out of one’s control can disrupt a well laid out plan. Something like abrupt an change in weather or an inflated number of guests showing up for the event. The caterer of your choice should be one that adapts to the fly to any or more of such scenarios. They should be able to rise to the occasion without getting flustered and should never compromise on the quality of service delivery.

7. Choose a Caterer Who That’s Driven to Making a Lasting Impression
That lasting impression has to be in a good way of course! Dubai is a beautiful city boasting of exquisiteness and beauty. Any event held within this city should live up to that expectation and nothing less! The outdoor caterer you choose should be one that wants to create an event that will remain forever etched in the minds of those who attended. A great caterer is one who can create a warm and hospitable environment and still deliver on presenting hearty and healthy meals for all.




Salman is a leading authority on business trends in the UAE having successfully run companies in the Automotive and Internet industries. He is currently Founder and Managing Director at BusinessBid, a search portal focused on helping users find service professionals in the UAE. When not writing, his passions are Travel, Technology and Gastronomy.

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