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Ever been in a situation where the sound and lighting or your audio visual systems at an event let you down? Are you sitting down thinking “Why didn’t I think of that?” or “I should have done that better instead?”

The worst thing which can happen to any event is your AV equipment failing and letting you down at key moments. AV equipment is usually the central nerve of any event as it is usually the main or only medium of communication.

So if you can avoid things going awry why not take that route?


Failing to have a realistic budget
budgetHow many times have we seen at events that AV equipment gets the least budget allocation? Many of us don’t see it as apriority and that can come to haunt us. Ensure that you have a realistic budget set aside for the audio visual systems and then try to stick with it. Negotiate with the supplier or ask them throw some freebies in. Many vendors will adhere to your request to get your business. Also compare multiple quotes to get a better deal.


Failure to factor in set-up time:

time-managementWhilst planning always account time for contingency. Allow sufficient time at the venue for installation of AV equipment. Sometimes things can get a bit more complex or complicated and running a really tight schedule might leave you in an awkward situation.



Don’t Cut the Wrong Corners:

price_tags_2Yes, everyone needs to follow a budget but trying to squeeze your AV budget can sometimes backfire. Depending on the scale and importance of your event you need to have good audio visual systems in place. Definitely look for better pricing by getting multiple quotes from different suppliers but ensure that you have appropriate coverage in place. Have back up microphones and speakers in place in the least!


Choosing the Wrong Location:

hero_logic_1Once the audio visual company has inspected your venue they should have an idea of where they want to set up their audio visual systems. This particular location should have easy access to power points, away from busy foot traffics and a good amount of open space for the technicians to work and set up their equipment. Ensure they are not restricted or this may affect the quality of the performance.


Failing to Test:

1427306567SoundBoardThe best sound quality is heard at the desired optimum levels and this can depend on a number of things such as quality of equipment, design layout and the venue itself. You need to test the output of your sound, lighting and all effects thoroughly a few times so that you are satisfied in the way it has been set up. Allow for repeated testing to achieve the best results.


Cheapest Isn’t the Best:

images (17)As the saying goes “If it is too good to be true, it is”. Don’t opt for the cheapest AV supplier because clearly there is a reason he is below market prices. Whether it is bad workmanship, unreliability of service or lack of care, you need to engage an audio visual company who can be trusted for your event. You pay peanuts and you get monkeys – avoid it at all costs! (No pun intended).


Make sure your event doesn’t have any AV blues and choose the best audio visual companies in Dubai offering the best audio visual systems.



As the marketing lead at BusinessBid, Camille is responsible for driving all digital marketing initiatives. Her mantra is simple - give people what they want and not what you think they want. Camille is a professional dancer and loves event management and fashion.

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