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Most homes have one or more major household appliances, bringing a level of comfort and ease to our household routines that we would be hard pressed to live without. We take our appliances for granted until one of them stops working and our comfort zone is pushed right to its outer limits. Your routine is disrupted, you find yourself immersed in the manual washing of clothes, or trying to heat leftovers on the stove hob and burning them in the absence of your well-loved microwave.


Your major household appliances would be,


  • Refrigerator & Washing Machine
  • Dishwasher & Water heater
  • Microwave & Ovens


Buying appliances with some thought can save you a huge amount of frustration, time and money in the long run. If you want to avoid buyer’s remorse, keep the following in mind, when purchasing your next major household appliance.


  • buyingAsk your friends, family and neighbors what brands they have bought in the past and ask for their experiences good and bad.


  • Always ask how easily the spare parts are available locally. You do not want to buy a beautiful German state of the art hob, and find that components need to be imported at a high cost.


  • At the same time find out who services and repairs the machine you are thinking of buying, so you are not left stranded in an emergency.


  • main-advantages-of-wind-power-wind-energy-is-friendly-to-the-1096x1091Know your needs before going to buy your appliance. Is it environmentally friendly? Is it the right size for the allotted space?


  • Is the appliance easy to use? Do you find the signs and symbols used for operating ease? Relying on the operating manual every time will be painful.


  • Check all doors and drawers open easily and in the right direction. If the door does not open in the right direction, ask if it can be hinged on the opposite side?


  • downloadCheck all warranties and guarantees offered. Is there an extended warranty? Extended warranties need some thought if the extra money is worth in comparison to the repair cost.


  • Do not be tempted on looks alone! While it may be important for you to match your new appliance to your re vamped kitchen, it is no good if it looks fabulous and is not user friendly.


Installation of major household appliances 
Your shiny new appliance is scheduled to arrive at your home, and you need to get it installed. Perhaps the store you bought your appliance from will do the installation for you, or may have recommended someone for you to phone.

If your appliance needs hard-wiring then you will need an electrician to do the installation. If the appliance operates off a cord and standard plug in plug, then you will not need an electrician present on installation of the appliance.

If you have bought a washing machine or dishwasher you will need a plumber to check you have water supply and drainage close to your installation point. Once this is in place, anyone with an understanding of the workings of either a washing machine or dishwasher can do the installation for you.

It is unlikely you will need assistance in the installation of your fridge, as it usually just plugs into the wall. Remember with fridges, that it is recommended you leave them to stand for 6 hours before plugging them in. This allows time for the refrigerant in the pipes that has moved around during transportation to settle into the correct place.

Ongoing maintenance of your household appliances will avoid any inconvenient breakdowns.

  • Keep your appliances clean. A hob that is not cleaned properly, in-between use, can catch fire, or the burnt food can eventually damage the surface of the hob. This may be something that cannot be fixed by an oven repair company in Dubai, but may need replacing.
  • Keep the back of your appliances dust free. Dust can infiltrate the workings of your machine and cause a breakdown.
  • Check the pipes of your washing machine or tumble dryer every few months. If they look like they are weakening or perishing, get them replaced before you have a fire, or nasty water burst all over your newly installed carpets!
  • Get your appliances serviced at yearly intervals.


Repairing major household appliances

In the unfortunate event that one of your major appliances stops working :-

  • Check whether your appliance is still under guarantee or warranty
  • If your warranty is still valid, then the company you bought the appliance from should send out an appropriate technician to assist with your appliance repair. Either they will fix the appliance or replace it.
  • If your warranty has expired. You will need to find a technician that can fix your appliance.

Always ask your home appliances repair company in Dubai,

  • How quickly they can respond to your need?
  • What the call out fee is?
  • If they will quote before going ahead with the repair?
  • What affiliation to the brand (Bosch, AEG etc.), or license they may have to fix your particular brand of appliances?
  • How long the repair is going to take?


Greeth is a seasoned E-commerce professional and as Operations Lead at BusinessBid his focus is on optimal and efficient collaboration of services for customers in the UAE. He is responsible for accurate information management when procuring services. A passionate football fan and loves back-packing.

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