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The real advancement in air-conditioning systems started in this region began the early 1980’s in response to rising energy prices, efficiency of energy consumption became a key focus in the design of air conditioning systems. In the last 15 years the continual advancement in energy efficiency has been in response to increasing environmental pressure and as a result many air conditioning companies in Dubai are equipped and qualified to provide good solutions to many of us.


Pros of air-conditioning acrobot

  • Air-conditioning provides physical comfort during work and leisure hours. This is important in the high temperatures of the UAE. A constant temperature can be maintained during hotter and cooler weather.
  • A comfortable ambient temperature improves job performance, and increases mental and physical agility and energy levels.
  • In hot climates you limit exposure to dehydration.
  • Air-conditioning is cooler than using fans.
  • Filtration systems clean air of smoke particles, dust mites, some harmful bacteria, dust, odors and summer pollens. This can assist with any health issues related to the above. This is provided the filtration system is regularly serviced and maintained.
  • Windows and doors can be closed, reducing security risks.


Cons of air-conditioning


  • Air-conditioning dries skin, eyes and mucous membranes, leaving you vulnerable to eye, skin, mouth and nose irritation.
  • If the filters are not maintained, you can create a ‘sick’ environment in which viruses are circulated and spread in cycles.
  • Air-conditioners are less noisy than they were 20 years ago, but they still up the level of ambient noise in your environment.
  • Higher in energy consumption than solar air-conditioning or alternative air cooling systems.
  • See warning at the end of this article on the hazards of refrigerant and global warming.



Purchasing and installation of air- conditioning system

buying aircon

Choosing the right air-conditioning system for your residential, commercial or industrial space is important.

  • An air-conditioning system that is too small for the space will draw on additional energy and runs the risk of burning out. An air-conditioning unit that is too powerful for the space it is installed in, will cut on and off continuously.
  • Measure your own space or get a professional installer to come and do this for you. There are also online services that will assist you in choosing the right air-conditioner for your space just by entering the room dimensions into the online program. Always ask for professional advice before purchasing.
  • The installation of your air-conditioning system should always be done by a licensed technician. Poor installation can have large impact on your electricity consumption and the life span of your unit.
  • Always check your guarantee and warrantee on unit and workmanship.


Maintenance and repair of air-conditioning system

 repair ac

  • All air-conditioning units, however large, need regular maintenance and repair.
  • The greater concern with irregular and un-professional air-conditioning maintenance in Dubai is the health risk it poses to the occupants of the building or home heated or cooled.
  • Maintaining your air conditioning filters limits allergens, illness and physical discomfort. Maintaining your air-conditioning system will ensure that you are not using excess energy.
  • The recommended room temperature for optimal human performance and comfort is 21 degrees Celsius in summer and 25 degrees Celsius in winter, keeping the humidity levels at 60 to 70 %. These are the guideline temperatures laid out by The American Society of heating, refrigeration and air-conditioning engineers.
  • All air-conditioned spaces need regular natural ventilation. Consistently recycling of used air is not healthy.
  • Always hire a professional and licensed company to do your repairs.


A Gentle Warning


Air-conditioning systems and refrigeration systems use refrigerant to cool the air. Refrigerant is kept in a sealed system to avoid leakage. Refrigerant contributes to global warming. It is therefore imperative that before you discard of any old or broken cooling systems you get in a licensed professional to remove the refrigerant from the system and dispose of it appropriately.

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