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Not everyone can play an instrument and whilst it is often seen as a gift or an advanced skill, learning an instrument takes unfettering passion, determination and lots of hard work. As challenging as it is, it is equally rewarding. Learning to play an instrument requires one to develop co-ordination, acute motor skills and the ability to understand music. Like everywhere else, even in the UAE, music teachers are appreciated for their knowledge and the skill they pass on.

-var-www-vhosts-hida-html-news-images_pr-PR971_SOM-StringProject1212If you are looking for music classes in Dubai to learn any instrument you need to ensure that you find an instructor who can teach musical concepts to you in an articulate and simple manner.  Teaching music requires patience, persistence and a lot of technical expertise and it’s precisely for these reasons it is smart to find teachers who are strong in both musical theory and practice.



music53Music classes in Dubai for the very young are often taught in a group environment, since children who are acquiring the basics of musical understanding do not typically need much one-on-one input. Group classes also provide a social experience where friendships between budding musicians may form. Older learners may also take group classes in musical theory, which teach important skills such as being able to read musical notation and understanding the basic principles of musical harmony and form (the way melodies, rhythms and sequences of the two are put together to compose a piece of music).

There are private tutors who are trained in particular instruments who offer individual instruction and provide 1:1 focus and attention on the student and typically charge by the hour or half-hour.

Finding Guitar Lessons in Dubai

guitar lessonThe first thing you should do when seeking a guitar teacher in the UAE is consider what style of guitar you would like to learn. Some teachers will only teach jazz guitar while others may specialize in classical or rock genres. Some guitarists have trained in multiple genres, but these teachers are less common than those who have specialized in a niche area.

Private lessons provide the kind of one-on-one input that can help you to progress quickly (provided that you stick to a disciplined practice schedule).

A private teacher might charge between AED 75 -150 per lesson, although if a teacher has to travel to your location this might increase the lesson fee, depending on the distance. Most teachers and schools will specify any prerequisites you need in order to be able to start lessons (for example a guitar tuner or metronome, the device used to train oneself to keep in good time). .

So if you want to learn guitar lessons in Dubai or are in the market for any music classes in Dubai; get free quotes from approved music teachers right now to make an informed decision.'


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