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Almost all over the UAE and especially in Dubai and Abu Dhabi there are many well sought and reputable schools and institutions which provide world class academic education for both the locals and expatriate students. However just because a child goes to a top school does not mean he or she will excel by default at academics as every child is different. One could experience learning difficulties and challenges and fall behind in some subjects due to problems with concentration or innate learning abilities. And to counter these issues, there are plenty of professionals who offer private tuitions in Dubai.

Whether you need tutors in Dubai to help your child come up to speed in Mathematics, English or Chemistry that service can be easily availed. However you need to ensure that you choose a tutoring service which is productive for your child and which creates a level of comfort. In Dubai there is a large volume of parents who choose tutoring for their children to help them close the gap in school, if they have fallen behind.

Choosing Tutors for CBSE in Dubai

23-1448278924-04-1423029599-cbseThere is a large contingent of Indians (approximately eight million) living in the gulf area, and this means that many parents choose to send their children to tutors who provide help with preparing for the CBSE examinations that are standard in India for Class 10 and 12. Indian children and others whose parents want them to write CBSE exams in Dubai can struggle to find teachers who are familiar with the curriculum content.

IGCSE Tuition in Dubai

igcseThe International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE), the English-language school curriculum established by University of Cambridge International Examinations, is an education option many expats and Emiratis alike choose for their children, since schooling in IGCSE English may open doors to top English-language universities such as Cambridge and Oxford, or American Ivy League schools such as Yale and Harvard. Students who pass seven subjects in the IGCSE are awarded the International Certificate of Education, which is awarded in three grades – Distinction, Pass and Merit. Because achieving the accolade of distinction opens doors to some of the best educational institutes in the world, and is also impressive for learners’ CVs, IGCSE tutors are useful for helping your child achieve good results in IGCSE maths and other subjects in the school-leavers’ exam.

English and Maths Tuition in Dubai

Hand writing algebra equationsBecause Dubai is a global hub of big business, English is the most commonly spoken language in the regio, providing Emiratis and expats with a common language in which to communicate in the workplace. A solid grounding in English provides learners with better employment opportunities, which is why it is valuable to find good English tutors in Dubai. A good grounding in maths is also important, especially if your hope that your child will take advantage of the big business in the region and study within the field of Commerce one day.

When choosing an English tutor, determine whether he or she is a first-language speaker – it is important to send your child to a professional whose command of the language (and diction) is excellent. This helps to ensure full understanding.  Also consider what type of professional your child would respond best to – does he need a strict taskmaster who will push him, or a tutor who motivates quietly and gently, with positive encouragement? Some private tutors offer sample lessons – this can help you and your child to decide whether a particular option is a good fit.

So if you are in the market for any kind of tuitions in Dubai, make an informed decision and get quotes from experienced and trusted tutors right here.




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