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In the UAE, over the last few years basketball has emerged as a very 0207WinLose38709756_XS-300x225popular sport gaining a lot of traction and interest.  Often considered as a very technical and challenging sport to master, that hasn’t stopped many from being involved in this sport. And precisely due to its rapid rise, whether you wish to be the next Michael Jordan and wish to take basketball seriously or just want to be able to slam dunk and master those dribbling skills at your local court, getting access to basketball coaching in Dubai is a much easier now.

In the United Arab Emirates, sports associations such as the UAE Basketball Association provide valuable resources, from relevant news to information on leagues and basketball clubs within Dubai, Abu Dhabi and surrounds. Whether you want to undertake basketball training in Dubai yourself or you are looking for children’s classes, you will need to find a coach that has the necessary certification. Because injuries can happen in any sport, it is wise to choose a basketball coach who has sufficient experience in correct injury prevention and response.

Basketball Training

littleguydribbler1In Dubai, basketball coaching for young children begins at the age of four onwards and that is primarily focussed on developing basic motor skills and ball handling skills. As the children tend to grow older other technical practices such as passing the ball, shooting and dribbling are taught along the way. It is very imperative that you choose a coach that can align the style of their training to the potential capabilities of the child for progressive development.


coachingyouthbasketballWhile holiday camps and group classes provide a fun way to develop a passion for basketball, often players need some professional assistance in improving their game. While group classes might suit some players who are still learning basics such as how to dribble the ball, others might prefer individual training for the 1:1 focus and attention. There are coaches who specialize in one-on-one training throughout the UAE. It is important to bear in mind that fees for individual training are usually substantially higher than for group classes, as when there are multiple participants the coach’s usual fee may be shared between participants.

Questions to Ask when Choosing a Basketball Coach

Whether you are looking for basketball coaching classes in Sharjah or Abu Dhabi, there are several questions that will help you whittle a list of potential coaches down to the one who sounds the most promising:

  • 670px-Be-a-Great-Basketball-Coach-Step-1What qualifications does the coach hold? A certified or licensed coach will have been required to hold a certain amount of practical experience in coaching, and is also most likely to be trained in sports safety.

What is the coach’s sporting background? While some coaches will simply have studied sports science academically or will have obtained a certificate through a course of study, many coaches have also played basketball professionally, and these professionals can give you insider tips that might improve your game considerably.


  • youth-basketball-drillsWhat lesson schedule is offered? Before you commit to a coach or coaching club, you need to know that there will be no schedule conflict interfering with your training sessions.




  • cashMoneyObtaining quotes from a number of coaches will help you to weigh up price versus the skills and training of a coach, so that you find the combination of expertise and value-for-money that suits your needs.

So if you are looking to slam dunk and dribble your way into basketball coaching in Dubai get access to free and affordable quotes from great basketball coaches in Dubai right now.'


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