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We’ve all experienced storage problems in our lives before whether it is lack of space in our garages or an over-flowing basement.  Regardless of how astute we are in our planning and organisation we always tend to have more things than we need.

Then there are times or events in our life which perhaps leads to situations like these – relocation, up-sizing due to growing families or downsizing. Career or job changes or personal events like divorces, separations and other changes. Often businesses also require storage spaces due to various reasons – company growth, because of over-supply of stock, bad debt and seizing of materials or any other commercial reasons.

In the UAE there is a constant need for storage at both a personal and a business level and you can find many cost –effective options for storage in Dubai which meet your needs.

Choosing a Storage Service Provider in Dubai

storage-thumbA company providing storage in Dubai may provide insurance for goods stored on its premises, but this is highly unlikely. It is far more common for a self-storage service to provide clients with optional insurance cover via a third-party firm. If it is important to you that you are financially protected against loss of valuables, it is worth choosing a company that can help you to secure insurance for your container.
Besides knowing how much protection you have against damage to (or loss of) your property, it is also worth finding out if your self-service storage provider offers anything in addition to rental space – some companies provide or sell storage boxes and locks to make it easier for renters to organize and secure their items completely. Choosing a self-storage center that makes the entire process of storage and retrieval as easy as possible means that when you need to act in a hurry there won’t be unnecessary administration to cope with.

Choosing Residential Storage Solutions

storage boxThere are many times in life when you might need additional storage for items from your residential property, from boxes of treasured family heirlooms to binders of personal records and other important items. There are a number of things to consider when choosing storage in Dubai for residential users. Firstly, it is wise to choose a storage facility as near as possible to the area in which you reside (or, if you are moving house, near to the area you are moving to). The further away you live from your storage facility, the more expensive it will be to hire movers to transport larger items between your place of residence and your storage unit.

When choosing a self-storage facility, also consider whether you require indoor, outdoor or drive-up storage (this is where you can drive directly to the door of your storage unit). The advantage of indoor facilities is that items are kept shielded from the elements and at more or less constant temperatures, which helps to ensure better preservation.

Choosing Commercial Storage Facilities in Dubai

IStoragef you are looking for self-storage in Dubai for commercial use, there are numerous service providers that offer space for rent in the city. Because commercial property rentals can be expensive, having a single room in a large commercial storage facility can save you considerable money, and the space can be used for temporarily keeping stock or office equipment whenever necessary. As with residential self-storage, it is important to determine the level of security offered by a facility, especially if you will be leaving valuable company assets in storage. A service provider that employs 24-hour security may be found if you want to be assured of complete protection.

storage_unit3When finding a commercial storage provider in Dubai, it is also important to find out about lease options – some companies are more flexible than others, but it is possible to arrange a lease lasting anywhere between a week and a year or more. A business that provides complete storage solutions to its commercial clients can provide you with storage boxes in Dubai, along with essentials for keeping valuables safe such as bubble wrap and tape. Some companies providing storage in Dubai will also provide special rates for prepaid long-term leases, although this may need to be negotiated if not explicitly offered.

So if you are looking for storage in Dubai, get competitive and affordable prices from pre-screened and trusted professionals by acquiring multiple quotes.'


Sam is the Executive Director at BusinessBid; a successful technology and business services manager having held successful leadership positions with global organizations. Sam believes finding an experienced service provider shouldn't be a challenge but an easy process and seamless process. Sam loves traveling and is a poker shark.

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