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In an ideal world, crime and petty theft would not occur, but even in highly developed economies such as those of the UAE, security and surveillance is necessary, in commercial as well as residential settings. A CCTV camera, if prominently placed, can be a deterrent to potential criminals and can also be used to keep a watch over employees to ensure that they are behaving appropriately for the workplace. Other security equipment such as access control as well as alarm systems help to protect private property and ensure that admittance is only available to those who are authorized.

Security companies in Dubai and other parts of the UAE are able to install biometric and card access machines, cameras and other security technology. If you need to secure your property, consulting with an experienced security firm will help you to determine where the weak points in your property are, so that you can ensure that you have complete coverage.

Choosing Alarm Systems

There are many different types of security alarm systems to choose between. Entry-level systems make use of infrared motion detectors while more advanced systems use photo-electric beams or other technology. Each kind of alarm system is available within the UAE. Passive infrared alarm sensors are most common in small-scale applications, such as residential buildings and small business offices. This is largely due to the fact that infrared systems are comparatively inexpensive. It is more common in large-scale applications (such as in shopping malls or museums) for photo-electric beams to be used for detecting intruders.

Deciding on the right alarm system for your building is a matter of weighing up the degree of intrusion protection you require coupled with the amount you are willing to spend.  You will also need to decide how your alarm system will connect with the monitoring center that is alerted whenever you alarm is triggered. Whether you need an alarm system for your private residence or place of work, a company specializing in security solutions can provide you with advice regarding which system will best meet your needs.

Installing CCTV & Surveillance Cameras in UAE

While alarm systems are useful for alerting security personnel in the event of unauthorized entry onto your property, an alarm system is not a deterrent in itself, since it is not visible from outside the building (although a sign stating that the building is protected by alarms can be displayed as a warning). Installing CCTV in Dubai and other cities in UAE is practiced by businesses that keep valuable assets on their premises. The mere sight of a camera will deter some from engaging in criminal activity in the vicinity. CCTV or Closed Circuit Television has many practical applications, including residential surveillance.

Additionally, exterior CCTV can be used to keep an eye on maintenance workers and others who are lawfully on your private property. Commercial applications include anti-shoplifting surveillance and office monitoring.

There are many different types of security cameras – some are basic and have a fixed line of sight, while others can be adjusted remotely, so that security personnel can quickly change angle or zoom in on details. Security companies in UAE should be able to recommend cameras that will provide you with sufficient surveillance for your requirements.

Access Control

In commercial, industrial or military facilities where large numbers of workers need to be authorized to gain entry, automated access control systems provide the means for allowing or disallowing entry without the need for a dedicated member of security staff guarding key entry points. Biometric access control is particularly popular in applications where highly sensitive information or high-risk environs require strict authorization procedures. While mechanical locks and keys can be used to provide access to private areas, the advantage of electronic systems is that many can be programmed to specify the times at which authorized individuals may enter. Digital systems also enable security to log and monitor the comings and goings of authorized personnel, thus providing valuable monitoring. A company offering CCTV in Dubai along with access control systems can provide a solution that will make it easy to regulate and monitor access to private facilities.

Intercom Systems

While surveillance and access control are important elements of general security, speedy point-to-point communication is also crucial in office complexes and other large spaces. Intercom systems, which allow for communication between buildings or rooms independently of phone lines, are convenient in a wide variety of commercial settings. When used in tandem with early-warning security systems, intercom provides a useful way to mobilize security personnel quickly and deploy them to a particular area in a building.'


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