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Who doesn’t like a freebie ? Especially in our business and work lives. Truth be told we all do! Whether it is a free client lunch or dinner, product launches or suppliers celebrating a milestone; gifts have always had a special place in our business lives.

Corporate Gifts in Dubai have always been a norm for businesses and corporations to present to their clients, valued stakeholders and personnel who influence or assist their business. They are viewed as tokens or appreciation and gratitude.

However care must be taken that they are done tastefully, have the right intent and presentation and have the right messaging. If you are a business owner or represent a corporate entity here are some simple tips before you undertake your next corporate gift assignment:

Personalize the Gift- Try and avoid giving a gift which is too generic or available on the shelf of any gift store. If you want to create an impact and impress your client then put some effort into personalizing the gift. No one likes to be generalized.

Define the Messaging: Be very clear and articulate about what you are trying to achieve here in your messaging. Are the corporate gifts in Dubai meant to be a thank you or are you celebrating a particular achievement? It it for a specific product launch or campaign? Be specific.

Fit for Use: All gifts should be fit for use and have practical purpose for it. Ultimately you want your client to remember and use the corporate gift you are giving. Try to avoid items will usually end up in the in the corner of the office or store-room.

Client Focus: Remember to keep your client in mind whilst you are thinking about your corporate gifts in mind. Whilst it is necessary to stick to your messaging and brand; try to think from the client’s perspective if they would appreciate the gift you are proposing.

Consider Cultural Impact:In a diverse cultural place like Dubai, before you present your corporate gifts you need to be aware and understanding of cultural differences and impacts. Think twice before giving someone a gift which might offend them- examples are wine bottles.

Current Trend: Whilst choosing your corporate gift, try to stay with the current trend. If you are going to give a mouse-pad or an IPOD chances are very few people use it nowadays. Your gift should not be obsolete or redundant.

Don’t compromise on Quality:Whilst it is necessary to stick to your budget, don’t comprise on the quality. Make sure your gift doesn’t look cheap. It is better to scale down on volumes and give a lesser quantity or choose only specific clients rather than giving something which appears of poor quality. Chances are they will be unused and unappreciated.

Spend on Packaging:Again it is equally important how the gift is presented. You do not want to have an expensive high-quality gift wrapped up in a shoddy box or wrapping paper. It takes away the sheen at a first look.

Deliver the Gift Personally:The reason you are giving corporate gifts in Dubai is to impress, target or thank a particular client. If possible try to personally deliver them as there is no better way to way to build a relationship. This will go a long way in your business relationship and be highly appreciated.



Salman is a leading authority on business trends in the UAE having successfully run companies in the Automotive and Internet industries. He is currently Founder and Managing Director at BusinessBid, a search portal focused on helping users find service professionals in the UAE. When not writing, his passions are Travel, Technology and Gastronomy.

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