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Even though the age of digital printing has established itself, the traditional form of offset printing still has a market and the plenty of printing companies in Dubai are a reflection of that. Whether its business owners or personal reasons we all have had a need for printing.

But how do you know what exactly to ask before you deal with a printing press. It  always helps to be well informed before making a decision. Below are some tips about offset printing which will help you before you hire a printing company in Dubai:

ReviewsReviews: Before you finalize a printing company in Dubai, be sure to ask for references of clients they have done work recently. Check for reviews on their website left by recent customers. We have already collected customer reviews for you to check.


B_Card_Sample01Samples: Ask your printer to provide you samples of similar works which have been completed so you can get an idea of the quality of the printing company. Whilst a sample can be provided electronically, ask to see for a sample in hard copy – which your final product will look like.


work-experience (1)Experience: Depending on the requirement of your business, choose a printing company in Dubai who have relevant and specific experience. It is wise not to compromise a critical business requirement in trying to save few Dirhams by hiring someone who is inexperienced.


images (18)Planning: Your business requirement will determine the project guidelines but make sure you have planned your project well to avoid any printing or production problems and unplanned costs.


designDesign: Whether you are designing in-house or choosing an external designer, ensure that all designs are final and approved before giving it for printing. It also makes sense to submit the design requirements in the preferred file size, type and formats to avoid delays and re-work.


calender-02Completion Time: If you have a specific date by which the printing should be completed make sure to tell this to the printer and ask if this can be achieved. There is no point in hiring if the turnaround times cannot be met.


proofreading-tipsProof Reading: Before sending your order for printing, make sure you take  time to proof-read your printing requirements. Do not leave this completely at the hands of your printing company because if something is over-looked it can be expensive and cause massive delays.


delivery-00Delivery: If you need to have your printed items delivered to a particular location, ask your printing press company if they can organize this and if this is going to cost extra. It is better to discuss and get clarity rather than trying to figure it out at the last minute.


ContractContract: Always make sure you have a written contract so you detail out your printing requirement expectations.


Make sure you qualify multiple printing companies in Dubai, before selecting and finalizing one for your project.



Sharon, an Account Manager at BusinessBid is responsible for delivery of services. Her main focus area is to ensure quality services are provided to our customers. Sharon is an avid musician who manages a band and does theatre.

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