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Businesses and companies in Dubai are always constantly trying to be creative in their marketing strategies to stay ahead of their competitors and also make sure of consistent brand recognition and awareness. These marketing campaigns include many traditional and modern forms of marketing but one of the contemporary forms which always has had an impact is T-shirt printing.

T-shirt printing in Dubai has always been a well known form of advertising and clearly it has its benefits and good results, hence businesses and companies continue to do it. Here are some tips to help you be better informed before your next T-shirt advertisement campaign.

1. Have a Strong Concept: Before you get to the design stage, ensure you have a strong concept of what you are trying to express. Brainstorm, or sketch it out and keep working at it so you end up with a strong concept which is expressive and can make a strong impact. A strong concept is very essential for any T-Shirt printing.

2. Get a Sample Done: Once you have the concept leading into the design, ensure that what you have doodled on the paper is actually been viewed on the T-Shirt fabric. There is always a difference between design on paper or a computer screen and a printed piece of fabric. Get a sample done on the material you want the T-Shirt printing done.

3. Achieve Simplicity: Whilst there is nothing wrong in having a striking and impressive design; you need to be aware not to complicate the design or make it too daunting. Keep your design, message and branding simple as it will be easier for the viewer to read and understand and identify your business brand.

4. Focus on Artwork: Most of the T-shirt printing in Dubai is usually done via screen printing and the popular colors chosen are Pantone colors. They are not only effective and provide the best results but also are easy to work with.

5. Have Good Use of Colors: For the best results do not ignore the use of the right colors. The fabric color has to be chosen carefully and also pay great attention whilst selecting the choice of colors on the T-shirt itself. Choose colors which are pleasant and easy on the eyes and do not appear too aggressive.

6. Define your Target Market: Any T-Shirt printing activity will require you to identify your target market. Is your business trying to advertise a product or service to the everyday consumer? Is it targeted towards a younger demographic or is it targeted towards other businesses? This will only be a successful marketing tool once you have clearly identified who you wish to target.

7. Hire a Good Printer: Finally for your best results hire good printers who are experienced and skillful who can deliver a good marketing product for you. Choose someone who pays equal attention to design and can match your requirements with your expectations. Ensure they fully understand the size, weight, and the labeling options of the T-shirt.





Greeth is a seasoned E-commerce professional and as Operations Lead at BusinessBid his focus is on optimal and efficient collaboration of services for customers in the UAE. He is responsible for accurate information management when procuring services. A passionate football fan and loves back-packing.

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