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Planning an event sometime soon? Chances are that in addition to other arrangements you will be require audio visual equipment for your event regardless if it is a small or a large event. Unless you have staffs which are experienced in handling AV equipment you will need to get the assistance of professional audio visual companies in Dubai who can manage this for you.

Hiring good audio visual companies doesn’t have be a tedious process and it does not have to cost you an arm and a leg provided you know who to look for and what to look for.

Here are some tips below which will assist you in that process:

88eb1242-8a77-4c96-81d2-67d641a1d1e5Event Requirements: It is always beneficial to completely understand what exactly you require. In addition to microphones and speakers for sound output would you require TV screens? Would you be hosting a presentation and does pictures and videos need to be put up? Would you be having guest speakers who need coverage? Also is there a musical or a dance performance?


DDJT-Signs-1204x640Creative Input: Look for AV companies who are able to provide that extra “oomph” to your event. Whether it is helping in the technology layout, whether it is through effective sound or music options, having a audio visual company contribute creatively adds extra value to your event. Some AV companies may have access to a brilliant DJ or they may know someone who can perform at the event. If you don’t ask you might never know.



Understands Sound: A good Audio visual company needs to understand sound offer great solutions. They need to be passionate about their trade and this will allow them to provide their best. A good company will have experienced technicians who can help you at your event if things go wrong or will provide a better solution. Regardless they should be experts in their profession and they become that by understanding sound.


bb1261a577231c9df189c749d4178ef7Acoustic Awareness: You definitely want to work with audio visual companies who will inspect your venue before the event and customize an AV solution which is suitable for the specific venue. All venues are different and the acoustic performance and sound output can vary depending on the layout and design of the venue. Certain materials which have been used within the venue can also affect the sound performance. All this needs to be factored before setting up your sound & lighting.


portfolio1Proven Portfolio: One of the best ways to get an idea of the AV Company is to ask to see their portfolio of events they have covered. They might be able to provide some samples, an online library or they might even invite you to a schedule event they are covering in the future. You need to be comfortable with the ability that they can deliver your event successfully.


Extensive Inventory: Good audio vik16473868sual companies in Dubai will have a wide range of products and equipment to choose from. This will provide for better selection for your event needs whether it is microphones, speakers, TV screens, projectors or lights. Ask them for a catalogue or n inventory list and ask them what equipment they will be supplying and what brands are reliable.


timthumbTech Savvy: Your AV company needs to be tech-savvy- they need to have the latest and most modern sound equipment currently being used in the market. They need to be on top of industry trends and releases in terms of products and manufacturers. You cannot afford to work with someone who is using dated or redundant technology and is not across the newly released systems.




Greeth is a seasoned E-commerce professional and as Operations Lead at BusinessBid his focus is on optimal and efficient collaboration of services for customers in the UAE. He is responsible for accurate information management when procuring services. A passionate football fan and loves back-packing.

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