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How many times after an event we have thought “Oh no, I shouldn’t’ have selected these flowers” or “ We should have paid more attention whilst choosing this bouquet”? Well hindsight and retrospection is a good thing and although it might not change our decisions from the past – it can definitely help us choose the next time we purchase flowers in Dubai.

The beauty about life is that is filled with many happy and joyous occasions and if we learn from our past mistakes, the next time we become a bit more wiser. So here are some common mistakes to avoid when choosing flowers in Dubai for your next event.

Failing to see the big picture- During bigger events people only tend to focus on the stand-alone items such as bouquets, centerpieces and table settings but often fail to visualize how the entire environment will present itself and this is where the deco of the event or aligning the flowers with the event theme is lost. It is always important to try and envisage the grand theme.

Failing to trust your florist- One of the most important things is to trust your florist. Unless you develop trust you will always be skeptical of their recommendations and suggestions. Remember florists are the experts when it comes to flowers and you need to trust their experience and expertise for them to make good suggestions.

Waiting for the last minute to book your florist- One of the biggest mistakes you can wait is to procrastinate. Avoid waiting till the last minute to book your florist because chances are you may not get the florist of your choice or the flowers you want. Sometimes waiting till the last minute can increase your costs, create delivery delays and may not get you the attention and interest from the florist as they may multiple jobs on at the last minute. Get in early.

Not communicating with your florist- Communication is key and your florist will play an integral part in your event. Make sure you articulate your requirements, your vision, your passion and what exactly are your expectations. Make sure your florist understands what you are looking to achieve and only then will you get the assurance of feeling comfortable.

Not Willing to Compromise: Like all things in life where have to make compromises, the florist is no exception. When choosing flowers customers need to be accommodating and should be willing to accept recommendations which aren’t their first choices. Lack of availability, pricing issues, delivery delays could be some of the reasons which can come into consideration.

Failing to have a budget- Always a have a budget and advise your florist to stick to that budget. There is no shame in mentioning what your budget is and most good florists will understand and try their best to accommodate your requirement. Not having a budget will and most probably lead to an awkward situation with either quality pr pricing at a later stage which you would want to avoid.

Opting for the Cheapest Florist- This is perhaps the trickiest scenario as most of us want value for our money and there is nothing wrong with that but trying to compromise on quality over cost can be counter-productive. Whilst choosing flowers try to achieve quality selections in line with your budget as opposed to just picking the cheapest flowers. Cheap flowers are sometimes way too obvious and you are better off not having or giving flowers rather than choosing the cheap ones.




Rachelle is an experienced services professional with expertise in customer service. As Client Services Associate at BusinessBid her passion is to provide excellent customer satisfaction within the services domain. Rachelle likes sport, music and experiencing new things.

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