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Moving is probably one of the most taxing and tedious activities people have to go through. Packing your home, disrupting your established home and re-organizing your life again is never easy. Considering Dubai is a transit city with so many expatriates there people constantly moving in and out of the UAE. Not to mention residents who move locally within the country.

Whilst the entire process of moving can be stressful you can definitely make your task easier by choosing from the right moving companies in Dubai – someone who are experienced, someone who can be trusted and definitely someone who are affordable.

So what should you be looking for from moving companies in Dubai?

No sub-contracting

MOVING FEATURE LOLA lot of companies will give you the impression that you are talking to the crew that will actually be doing the moving and packing, but in reality they will sub-contract the work to some other Dubai moving company. Check beforehand if this is the case and if so – look for another contractor. You should be able to speak to the movers in advance and see that they can be trusted with your belongings: While most companies are completely trustworthy, there are some unskilled movers working in Dubai, and these may not know how to handle your valuables with the care that is necessary.

Insurance and disputes

movginswhatuneedtoknow600400Your property might be damaged during the move. To some extent, this is inevitable – so you should find out what your movers’ policy is In these cases, whether they have insurance cover, and how will disputes be settled. Packers and movers working in Dubai will generally have insurance, but take the extra time to read the fine print on the contract – usually not all types of equipment will be  fully covered.

PROFESSIONALS bestTalk to as many companies as you can

With plenty of movers offering their service in Abu Dhabi, Dubai and elsewhere in the UAE, try to get written estimates from as many vendors as you can. There is often room for negotiation, and a better offer can be leveraged to get the contractor you want.

Beware of extra fees

hidden-fees1Packers and movers, in Dubai as in everywhere else, tend to “forget” additional charges when giving you an estimate. After the move is complete, you may be surprised to find yourself looking at a massive bill due to additional services: for example, some may charge extra for awkwardly shaped items, or for narrow entrances at the target destination. You should get a written estimate before the start of the job, and be sure to clarify with the vendor that this is indeed the full fee that will be asked.

Ask for references

downloadPrevious clients are really the most invaluable source of information about moving and packing companies in Dubai. Ask to talk to former clients who had similar moving and packing needs. Prefer a company that has been around for a few years and proven its competence by gaining a positive reputation. Check their reviews here now.

Check how items are packed and kept

moving-fragile-itemsAsk the movers to explain what precautions will be taken in regards to your belongings. Have them explain how items will be packed, wrapped, and otherwise maintained for the duration of the move.

Certain moves may require the moving company to store your possessions for some period of time – check where the storage facility is located and that is kept locked and properly secured. If you are hiring movers in Abu Dhabi, the storage facility should also be in the area and not in some remote third location.

Look for the locals

local-movers-servicesEven with GPS navigation as openly available as it is today, there really is no substitute for familiarity with local roads, neighborhoods, traffic, building structures and other factors that may play some part in packing and moving your property as smoothly and efficiently as possible. Local movers who have been working in Dubai, Abu Dhabi or any other area for a while will be more aware of these localized nuances and may provide better service. So while it might not be the deciding factor, this is something you should consider when choosing between the many moving companies in Dubai.

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