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Every event or occasion is always enhanced by the inclusion of flowers. They add an element of grace, elegance and beauty and its appreciation in a city like Dubai is no different. Dubai is a melting pot of cultural diversities and a business hub which hosts many different events and occasions and you can notice the number of florists not only increase in this city but also their roles developing and changing.

Florists now not only sell flowers but they provide advice on what should be purchased. They try to make sure their expertise and experience with flowers ensure the occasion of presenting flowers is valued. Florists nowadays are more engaged in the entire experience of choosing, purchasing and delivering flowers in Dubai.

So the question is how do you choose a good florist in Dubai? What make one florist better than the other? Is it pricing, customer service or availability of flowers? Well here are a few tips which should help you:

  1. Professional Advice: Choose someone who seems interested in your requirement and is genuinely willing to assist you for that reason. Usually you will know if someone is interested or giving the right advice or not straight away as some florist just want to sell you things you don’t need or they aren’t keen to spend more time listening to you- avoid such florists. A good florist in Dubai will take the time and effort to understand your requirement and then suggest the right flowers or gifts for your loved ones. To choose a flower, you will need to go through the many different types, sizes, shapes and colors.


  1. Good Recommendation: A good florist will always have good recommendations and reviews because they genuinely care about their business brand and their customers. Choose someone who has good online reviews from people who have recently used them. BusinessBid has collated reviews for your viewing to make an informed decision.


  1. Wide Selection of Flowers: A good florist in Dubai will have a good range of flowers available in his inventory or store. By having a wider selection chances you will most likely find the most appropriate flowers for your occasion. A good selection of flowers ensure variety and diversity and such florists also have a good range of flowers which are suited to the hotter climates of Dubai.


  1. Excellent Customer Service: Choosing flowers is usually marked with a happy and memorable occasion. It is usually considered an experience and not an activity and you need to choose a florist who knows how to engage with you and provide you with the best service. You want to feel warm and fuzzy after you have purchased flowers at a florist because they have demonstrated good care and service with your requirements.


  1. Reasonable Pricing: We all love a good bargain but one thing to remember is that flowers aren’t cheap. At the same token it doesn’t mean that something expensive is always the best. A good florist will genuinely recommend and suggest flowers what you need and not flowers he needs to sell. Remember you get what you pay for and you should have an indicative idea of what a reasonable price for a good bunch of flowers.


Sharon, an Account Manager at BusinessBid is responsible for delivery of services. Her main focus area is to ensure quality services are provided to our customers. Sharon is an avid musician who manages a band and does theatre.

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