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Dubai is a hub for commerce and trade in the Middle East region and one of the oldest and most effective ways to showcase your services and products are through the various exhibitions which take place in Dubai.

Exhibiting your products and services formally in various trade shows through eye-catching exhibition stands will provide the best outcome for sales, exposure and customer coverage. However to ensure the best results you have to take care that your exhibition stand design is both attractive and functional and there are some crucial mistakes to avoid.

Stand-Euroguss-21. Failing to understand the Purpose: Prior to participating in any trade show or getting your exhibition stand design in place be clear on why you are participating. Understand the nature of the exhibition and who the likely visitors will be. Whilst its great to get exposure and be out there to endorse and promote your product and services you need to be sure what you trying to achieve by participating in that exhibition whether it is to increase new sales have a product launch or just increase your customer base.


SMARtech_energy_exhibition_Stand_Bath_Business_Expo_20142. Unattractive Stand Design– When attending a trade show in Dubai, a lot of visitors are unable to attend each and every stand. Visitors usually have 3-5 minutes to spend at each booth and unless your exhibition stand design is attractive and inviting, your stand might be ignored. Your exhibition stand design should be eye-catching, have good lighting and signage and be well designed to hold your products or services.


236af0ad14518630de28e290e85512003.Having Poor Signage: As soon as you know your location of your exhibition booth; you need to start thinking of how you are going to position your signage. Signage will not only lead your customers to you but also create brand awareness and recognition. The exhibition stand design should be done in such a way that it enhances the signage which will be used with focus on effective position for maximum viewing, use of good colors and font with good lighting.


social-media-cube-1024x9224.Ineffective Promotion: There is a saying” If you don’t tell people how good you are, no one else will”. Whilst trade shows are good avenues for marketing, they can be highly competitive. In an environment where you have only a few seconds to grab the attention of the visitors you need to be smart and effective – so promote well. Put some thought and planning into your marketing campaign and ensure that your exhibition stand design not only complements your marketing plan but also reflects it. Ineffective promotion and marketing essentially devalues your presence on the day.


12246796_s5.Lack of Engaging Staff Personnel: To be honest a lot depends on your staff representing your stand. You need to have smart, energetic and engaging people who can make your customers feel comfortable. Not a lot of people like pushy or salesy approach so steer away from that. Appoint presentable and extroverted personnel who are capable of striking a rapport and provide enough information to generate interest in your product or services for a follow-up later on.


48829836. Failing to follow Up Customer Leads: Trade shows can be very hectic and demanding and most companies who get access to a large number of customer leads fail to follow up promptly and this lose client interest. Following up the newly acquired is extremely critical and usually the main the reason for participation in trade shows is to get new customers. So once the trade show is wrapped up, be on top of your communications, reach out to your customers and schedule meetings



Mel is a successful Interior Design Director from Melbourne, Australia, working in Dubai. She has over 15 years of experience in the design industry working for successful design practices in the Asia Pacific market places. Her other major interests include photography, travelling and loves to try out new cuisines.

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