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Who doesn’t want to look and feel good? We all do and that is no lie. Being fit has a lot of advantages. It keeps us healthy, fit, active and confident. There are many of us in Dubai who either are not motivated to join a gym or have the time to follow the gym schedules and for that group of people there is precisely a service we can undertake to help us get fit- choosing a personal trainer in Dubai.

Today we can find a lot of individuals who offer personal training services but how we decide who to choose? Although every personal trainer has different skills- there are some qualities which set them apart.

fitness (1)Having the Right Qualifications:  All personal trainers should be qualified with the appropriate credentials to teach fitness programs. They must have gone through the rigours of professional and passed formal education and requirements which then allows them to be personal trainers. Most of the teaching courses include training, exercise, physiology, training and nutrition and most importantly the anatomy of the human body.


gym-instructor- communicationBe Good At Communication: It won’t be much help to you if you engage a personal trainer who is excellent at what they do but is poor at communication. They need to be able to articulate their plans and program that they have developed for you, what dietary changes are required, what areas need attention and what is currently working well for you.. A good personal trainer will be able to communicate with you effectively and be honest enough to tell you what is working for you and what isn’t. It’s his job to motivate you and inspire you. Most importantly the personal trainer should be able to understand you and listen to you.

GFI_mainHaving a Passion for Fitness: You are never going to be motivated by any professional unless they are able to demonstrate a high level of knowledge and passion themselves – especially if we see them as subject matter experts. It is no different when it comes to personal trainers. You need to engage a personal trainer in Dubai who is highly passionate about what they do and are genuinely interested in helping you. They need to make a personal effort in how they motivate you and get you excited for your goals.


gym-instructor-job-profile-picBe Very Patient: Like most things in life, most things take time to get the right results and one of the greatest qualities a personal trainer should posses is patience. As his client, he should be able to demonstrate high levels of patience to help you through the programs. Considering  we aren’t experts and trained in personal training, many of us may not do the right things at first but a patient personal trainer will help you correct those mistakes and will be equally putting in the hard yards along with you to help you realise those goals. No two clients are like and he will need to understand that what worked for one client may not necessarily work for someone else.

Maintain-Good-Health-Fitness-TipsHaving an Amicable Personality: Like every good client-supplier relationship;  the personal trainers should be able to create a certain level of comfort with you to work together. They need to be able to connect with you and understand what you are looking to achieve and thereby be able to help you get that outcome. You need to work with a trainer who you are able to trust and has the best interests for you and in your goals.


personaltrainer1-e1354969570137Have to be Persistent: Every personal trainer has become a personal trainer through hard-work, determination and because they were persistent to achieve their goals. Similarly the personal trainer you choose need to be persistent with you and your goals to ensure that you end up achieving then. Being persistent shows they are focused, they care and are keen to help you succeed. You want a personal trainer who sees your results as a personal achievement for themselves.


So if you are ready to make that commitment for yourself and get some personal training then make the informed decision. Get quotes from trusted and experienced personal trainers in Dubai instantly to see what’s best for you.



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