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electric-bill-400x266It’s a known fact that for most homes and offices in hot climates like Dubai, air conditioning consumption is extremely high and equates to almost 70-75 percent of our electric bill in summers. Well it’s one thing to know the fact and simply scream and moan when the DEWA bill arrives each month. But it’s another thing to actually do something about it. There are so many little ways we can help ourselves by realigning our air conditioning habits to help reduce that consumption and the electric bill.

Here are tips for Air Conditioning Maintenance in Dubai:

Not getting an Expert Recommendation

good tech (1)Whilst you might have an opinion on what system you wish to install it is always best to get an expert recommendation. Get a good AC technician come in and survey your premises so he can actually suggest the best air- conditioning system your place requires. After all every space is different and would require a different system to operate at optimum levels.


Mistake of buying the Biggest Air Conditioner

big aircon (2)Size does not matter.  A lot of are visually inclined to think that a bigger unit will automatically be better and will cool the area faster and efficiently. Wrong! In fact a bigger unit is not consistent in its air-flow and is unable to generate regular temperatures or effectively cut down humidity levels.


Mistake whilst installing in a Hot Spot
Ensure that your air-conditioning unit is away from direct sunlight or hot spots. Ideally they should be installed in shaded areas of the premises.


Not Doing the Basic Cleaning:

regular check ac lastWhilst a qualified technician is required to perform the regular servicing, general cleaning activities can help you maintain the health of your AC system better. Dusting the air vents regularly, cleaning the filters once a month and replacing the filters every quarter and ensuring all sealants are in place should be  done without fail.


Mistake of leaving it running All Day

Shockedconditioning is to only use it when required. DO not leave it running if you are out of the house or in rooms which are not occupied. Program your thermostats or timers to run it only when required.



Not performing Regular Professional Service:

cleaning ac (4Like all other machinery air conditioners also require regular service and maintenance. The normal tendency for most people is to believe that the AC units will work and they only need attention when they stop working – well in that case you have left it too late and should have organized for Air Conditioning Maintenance in Dubai by a qualified technician.


Practicing the above would definitely reduce your DEWA bill and increase the shelf life your AC units.

If you need the assistance of a good AC technician in Dubai for your Air Conditioning maintenance in Dubai then receive free and multiple quotes from experienced AC technicians now.



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