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Like any other global city in the world, Dubai has a large number of its residents living in apartments due to the obvious advantages- proximity to city centers, affordable rents and easy maintenance being some of them. Although we would like to think the residents are mostly of the human type we could be wrong, different know pests are also residents in our homes.

Also if it has ever crossed your mind that apartments are free from pest infestation or are unlikely to be attacked you are thinking wrong! Because of its hot and humid climate apartments in Dubai are equally like to be infested with pests as houses with big backyards and garden spaces.

Here are some signs of pest infestation which you need to look out for to detect pests and if any if you notice any of them then you need to get pest control in Dubai to remediate your problems

1. Dung & Droppings: The most obvious tell-tale of pest infestation of any residence is their droppings. Check for small pellet- shaped or round dropping usually slightly larger than the size of a rice-grain. These droppings can vary from dark brown, to dark black in colour and can be seen collectively. The obvious places to check for these are dark corner, crevices, access near storage doors or drain pipes. Some of them can even be found behind or beneath kitchen counters, pantries and shelves.

2. Distinct Odours: There are a lot of pests which can be found out by the specific smell they leave and although it might not be an extremely strong smell, it is still present. For example rats leave a distinct smell of ammonia and with mice the smell of urine might infuse the room. Many of the other bugs and insects such as cockroaches or bedbugs might leave a very oily and musty smell. Of course mould and fungi can also leave a bad musty smell and they are often easy to detect.

3. Insects & Bugs: Although the infestation of many insects and bugs are obvious its one who are lurking around unseen to us are the ones to worry about. For example fleas find good hosts in cats and dogs and other domestic pests and can then spread to different areas within the dwelling. Check your pets and if they seem to be itching or scratching consistently then they may have fleas. Other areas to look for are wet areas such as bathrooms and kitchens for cockroaches and ants.

4. Peculiar Sounds: Some pests are harder to spot than the others as they are very discrete and only venture out when it’s dark – such as rats, mice and other rodents. However these pests do make noises which are easier to detect and by listening attentively you will be able to determine if you have these pests around. Some of the common sounds you may expect to hear are squeaking, gnawing and even scurrying for cover.

5. Tiny Holes: If you notice areas within your apartment which have tiny, uneven holes of different sizes especially on the corners of wall skirtings, cracks and crevices which have very little or no sunlight then there is a high possibility that these are good hiding places for bugs and insects.

If any of the above signs exist don’t wait for too much longer.  There are plenty of pest control companies which can help you out.'


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