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We all know that it’s very hard for any parent to be away from their children but reality is sometime you need to engage the services of a babysitter – whether its due to a planned event or an unplanned situation. Regardless of how the requirement arises if you have the right babysitter available it’s not such a bad thing after all.


Come to think of there are quite a few benefits by hiring a babysitter in Dubai. Finding someone who is reliable, trustworthy and caring for your child whilst you are away for a few hours can have it merits. So take advantage of it with a good dinner outside, a movie or just give yourself some space.


Benefits of hiring a babysitter:

  1. Giving yourself a Break:

hqdefaultOur everyday lives are fairly busy with a majority of it being spent at work, commuting between places, driving around and once we get home there are a few chores as well. As parents we then get involved in changing diapers, washing, potty training, cleanup, meal preparation, feeding and sleeping duties. Considering we lead hectic lives – it’s absolutely fine to take a well deserved break once in a while. Whether it is getting some rest or sleep, a walk around the park or a quick coffee with friends- you need it.


  1. Giving some Couple Time:

All couples need to have some quality alone time together and that couple-city-date-w724becomes really difficult once you have kids. If you really cannot recall the last time you had some quality alone time- then it is time for you to engage a good babysitter for one evening so you can have some time with your spouse. The everyday grind of jobs, chores and routines get in the way of your relationship and its important that you take some time off to reconnect.


  1. An Extra Caregiver

smackdown_babysitter_2An additional care-giver can only add value to your child’s life. There is no reason that only you should be the sole spotlight of your child’s life at all given times. Being around other people will help your child grow and develop as they grow older and have easier transitions into nurseries and early schooling. A long care-giver can be a positive role model to your child besides the parents. Also your child will also enjoy the company of the new loving care-taker.


  1. Creating Organized Schedules:
    12-organize-scheduleSometimes it can be beneficial to get the help of an additional care-giver if both you and your spouse are working professionals to create some organization and structure around your house. Scheduled and punctual meal times, sleeping and rest times, play and learning times can only benefit your child.



  1. Get some accountability:
    Asking your friend or sister to take of your child is very different babysitter approvedfrom actually hiring a certified and professional babysitter. Although they will love and care for your child they are most likely volunteering for that job and they will do it their way instead of your way. After all, you are asking them for a favor right? However engaging a professional babysitter means you can demand accountability and ask the babysitter to do things you care and prefer for your child.


At the end of the day, as parents you will always love and care for the child but you shouldn’t compromise and sacrifice your normal life to the cause of parenthood. Get some balance in and ensure that you are taking care of yourself and also giving yourself the little attention you deserve.


After all – healthy parents means a healthy child and a happy home.


If you require the services of a professional and trusted babysitter in Dubai, simply fill out the short form below to get contacted by pre-screened and approved babysitters now.



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