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As a company or business owner in Dubai, it’s always exciting to participate in a trade show or an exhibition event. It is an event which connects you with new customers, trigger business development a platform to endorse your brand or service or even have a marketing launch. One key thing across all events how well your exhibition stand looks and appears.
The success of your participation depends on how effectively your exhibition stand has been designed to attract more visitors which in turn give exposure and coverage to your brand. The goal is to design a creative exhibition stand which is effective, unique, and stands out and to grab the attention of visitors.


So if you know what you want to achieve then here are a few questions you need to ask yourself to get the a good exhibition stand created.

1. How early do I need to start?

3d small people - alarm clockDon’t leave the designing of your exhibition stand too late. There are good exhibition companies in Dubai who can create some amazing designs but if you don’t hire them early they will get booked out and then you will have to settle for others.


2. How do I use my Allocated Location?

location-location-locationSome exhibition venues have prime locations which have the best visitor traffic, but they come at a price. Regardless of what location you have maximize it through good messaging, bright lighting and attractive design so it grabs attention.


3. Is my stand Attractive?

4As shallow as it sounds, beauty attracts attention. This is the same for exhibition stands as well. If your exhibition stand is sexy, appealing and inviting there is no doubt that it will attract attention. So make sure you hire good exhibition companies who can create this space for you.


4. Does my stand have Effective Design?

bang_and_olufsen_stand_design_by_visualbearWhilst it is undeniable that your exhibition stand needs to look attractive it also needs to be functional. It needs to show-case your products and services effectively and also create an environment for visitors to visit your stand and allow your staff to engage with them. You need to create a stand which provides an “experience” to all visitors- a memorable one.


exhibition-stand5. Does my stand have Visibility?

Is your stand easily noticeable among-st a line of other stands or does it get “lost”? Create a design which ensures that visitors can notice your stand. Make sure the color scheme and form of your stand is not monotonous to your neighboring stands.


6. Does my stand have good Access?

original_328939_xiRbmE3alnCqzK8aNPGH0mPPQA good exhibition stand needs to have at least 2 access points for visitors to enter and move around freely. Make sure you don’t clutter your space and restrict access or easy movement within your stand; else it will just turn out to be an expensive storage space.


7. Do I have effective Messaging?

images (21)Any one will tell you that the most effective messaging is always simple and uncomplicated. Make sure your exhibition stand has a creative message which is aligned with your brand and has good use of graphics rather than making it text heavy. In a busy environment like exhibitions visitors usually have the attention span to read short, sharp messages and not tons of information


8. Does my stand have good Lighting?

1bc633adaf9cfb034861c58f2cc3a1aeThe role of lighting cannot be under-estimated in a good exhibition stand. The use of good lighting complements the theme and design of the stand and helps your marketing and promotional banners to stand out and get noticed. Remember that it is done in a graceful and presentable fashion and is integrated into the exhibition stand design.


9. Is my stand Customer Interactive?

exhibition-standA good exhibition stand design isn’t only about looking good but serving its purpose. Can your staff view the advertised products and services comfortably? Is the space too congested for visitors? Can your staff interact with clients and potential customers?


10. Have I used Technology effectively?  

dad1f856ab3d5038fa6590b4cb504023In the age of technology your exhibition stand will appear dated if you have not used technology effectively. Whether it is digital display of photos and brochures; or TV screens highlighting your projects and products your exhibition stand design needs to integrate this effectively.



Mel is a successful Interior Design Director from Melbourne, Australia, working in Dubai. She has over 15 years of experience in the design industry working for successful design practices in the Asia Pacific market places. Her other major interests include photography, travelling and loves to try out new cuisines.

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