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The difference between a successful and an average event hinges on many parameters and in a global city like Dubai where events are expected to be grand and impressive few chances should be taken. There are many event companies in Dubai who are fantastic in what they do which is put up a spectacular event but then there are some who can let the wheels come off and the show can be literally a no-show.

Below we look at some of the cardinal sins what event companies can commit which can disastrous for your event

Lack of Objective:

Choose event companies in Dubai who know why you are hosting the event and completely understand the requirements and expectations. They should be realistic in what they can achieve and also highlight the “problem areas” so that they can overcome or at least you are prepared for it. Knowing the actual purpose of the event is fundamental and a foremost essential.

Lack of Communication:

They single most reason for event failure is usually poor communication. You need to engage an event company who assigns a capable Event Manager who is hands on and great at communication to the client and also to the various stakeholders and suppliers. Ensure that you request that consistent communication lines are set up with timely updates. Tell them you wish to know everything what is going right and you definitely want to hear what is not going well – so a contingency can be organised.

Inexperienced Resources:

Always choose event companies which have experienced staff, who have been with them for a long time. Ensure that resources and personnel allocated on your event have good capabilities, are experienced and confident in pulling off a successful result for you. Ask who is actually allocated and find out what their professional credentials are.

Misjudging the Scale:

There are many event companies who will claim that they have done events of all types and sizes and can under-estimate your event, especially if there are big crowds expected. Look at reviews of such companies from actual customers and that should give you an idea about their quality. At BusinessBid we have taken the trouble of collecting customer reviews for you to see.

Lack of Creativity:

Avoid event companies in Dubai who provide a cookie-cut or a vanilla solution for everything. They tend to template everything as a process and this brings in a lack of imagination and very little creativity. Engage someone who will give you new ideas, be creative and edgy and yet does not lose sight of its objective.

Only Cut the Right Corners:

Almost all businesses today need to cut corners and make comprises to stay competitive but there has to be a realistic approach to cutting corners. Whilst it is acceptable to compromise in certain areas, ensure that your event company consults you and is transparent of such activities so you are aware and comfortable with it. The last thing you need is your event to look cheap, unimpressive and have a negative effect.

Leaving Things Till The Last Minute:

Avoid event companies who promise everything to win your business but then try to squeeze in everything in the last minute. This will not only compromise the quality of the event but chances are some critical items will be missed. Request for a task schedule to be provided and the progress can be tracked in a timely and organised manner.

Overuse of Social Media

In today’s world of technology and social media, all events need to be leverage in the e-space however too much use of social media can be detrimental. It can create a false hype, trolling by parties who wish to sabotage it. Ensure that the event company understand the optimum use of Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and YouTube.

Failing to have a Rehearsal:

Just like weddings most event companies in Dubai, will try to run a mock-up of the actual event day deliverable s with you through a run sheet. This will give you an actual “live” experience as what to expect on D-Day and put things into action from paper into reality.

Failing to have a Plan B or Plan C:

As Murphy’s Law states what need to go wrong will go wrong and sometimes in life they do. However experienced event companies can foresee what usually that there are some things which may fail and often discuss a back-up plan for it. You need to engage event companies in Dubai who can provide you with the “just –in-case” or the “what-if” option as well so come event day- the show must go on!

Happy Event Planning and a Successful Event Day!'


Sam is the Executive Director at BusinessBid; a successful technology and business services manager having held successful leadership positions with global organizations. Sam believes finding an experienced service provider shouldn't be a challenge but an easy process and seamless process. Sam loves traveling and is a poker shark.

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